Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dumb. Stupid. Trains.

Mike's car alarm has been going off rather frequently as of late. Last night a train drove by, and then a car alarm sounded. It was going for a good 30 seconds before I said, "Honey, are you sure that isn't your car?"
Mike: Yes, that doesn't sound like my alarm.
I walked to the window and looked out. What do you think I found? HIS CAR ALARM WAS GOING OFF! Hmmm....someone needs to familiarize himself with his alarm again, methinks.

I ran downstairs, barefoot and keyless, to see what was going on. Mike was frantically trying to find his keys so we could get it to shut off. About 3 minutes later....or maybe 5... we finally got it to stop. Everything was still there, and looked untouched. Mike thinks the train triggered the alarm, since had someone been trying doors in the parking lot, we probably would've heard some choice curse words (our window was open) when the alarm started going off.

Well, tonight it happened again. I again ran downstairs, keys in hand to check it out. Again, it happened right after a train drove by. This really is getting annoying. I can't imagine what the neighbors would have done had we not been there. I'm sure it would have been awful (especially after the other day when I accidentally forgot to turn off the timer on the stove and 4 hours later when we got home it was still going off). After looking at all of the many different scenarios as to the cause of the alarm trigger, we have decided that it is in fact the train. Not just any train, either, but a particularly heavy train that has to go very SLOWLY past the complex, and it's wheels grate and squeak and squeal on the tracks. It's awful. Stupid trains. Stupid sensitive car alarms. STUPID.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Our car alarm went off when I was at the DMV with my daughter. I sent my other daughter out to try to turn it off and she couldn't. I couldn't leave my place in line (you know how that is) and so I just smiled and pretended it was someone else's car until she got it figured out. Its awful. You've had one thing after another at this new place haven't you! that sucks

Hey It's Di said...

The noises are all tests to see if you could handle 10 screaming kids is all! Is it working?

Neil said...

Today, the alarm on our truck would go off just after we got inside the apartment. Dad went out twice and turned it off...just to have it go off again....madning! MUM