Saturday, October 11, 2008

After Death Sauce story

We bought this sauce about a year ago at the World Market in Park City. It is awesome!

There are a few funny stories about this sauce. The first time we opened it, Mike and his brother Scott both decided to taste it to see how hot it was. I was the smart one and only tried a little, but they both took the bottle and dumped some onto their fingers. Oh were they hurtin' for certain! haha

Second funny story:

One night all of the adults in the family went to dinner at a local Mexican place, and then to a movie afterwards. Colton and his friend Austin were babysitting Marshy, and Scott's two kids. He decided to make Ramen noodles for everyone for dinner, and because his weren't flavorful enough, he dumped a whole bunch of the After Death sauce on his. He then texted Mike to find out how much he really should have put on! Mike and I started laughing at him, but apparently not nearlly has hard as the kids they were tending were laughing. Then he got some grape juice to try to quelch the burning, but that didn't help at all!

Everytime we get out the hot sauce, or someone new tries it, we remember the Ramen noodles story. It always makes us laugh.

Today at the shop, nephew Jake tried it for the first time. Oh it was funny!! I think he might have taken too much. The look on his face was classic! I totally wish we would've had a camera to take pictures!

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Anonymous said...

MILK!!!! It is the ONLY thing that will stop that intense burn!