Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been registering my business online. Talk about scary! I had to call my dad, who has a corporation and has done this thing many times before, about 50 times! Poor guy! I think he was getting tired of all of my questions. Seriously, I should have just had him fill the form out! haha. It's a hard form. They ask all these wierd questions, and the help button isn't really any help. Most of the time it just restates the question. Yeah, like that's helpful. I think the hardest part was deciding what category my business fit under! Anyway, it's all done now. Now I can get my bank account and city business license. YAY!

Oh, and while I'm sitting here registering my business, Marshy is watching Wonder Pets. Every time he sees the duck he calls out "cu-cuck" I think he's trying to say Quack Quack. I guess that qua sound is hard for him to say. Which is weird, because his r's are almost perfect.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally have everything filed. I've always wanted my own business, so I guess I've achieved that goal! Well, busy busy day today. Guess I'd better get down to work!

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Anonymous said...

Well, hurry up. I'm standing in line with my credit card in my DO take credit right? I mean, I WILL pay you. Honest.