Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Words and Phrases

It's funny, but I swear as soon as Marshy turned 2 he started talking coherently. He has lately started saying a whole bunch of words that he never even tried to say before, like:

"I Need!"
"Coloring" Yes, the l and the r are both present when he says this one.
"Wa-der" he tries to say "water" but it comes out with a d sound instead of a t sound.
"Juice" It used to sound like he was saying Jew
"Bear" he used to not say bear...he would try, but it would come out as "more" I kind of miss that cute mistake

Unfortunately, some words are still hard to understand if you don't know what he's talking about. Like:
"Dinkdie" is blankie
"Ca" is duck
"On" is off
"Baa" is bath
"Ar" is ear
"Tee" is teeth

It's so fun hearing the new words he comes up with and figures out. I love the cute mispronunciations he has. Sometimes it's frustrating if you can't understand what he wants, especially for him, but I know I will miss them when he starts saying the words right.

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nicole hill said...

hey joanna!

the quilt you all made for me is beautiful. thank you!

do you have time to squeeze in my baby blanket (made from wedding fabrics) this week? if not, that's ok, i'd just like to have it photographed by the photographer on the wedding day.