Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Did IT!

I designed and made a purse today. I know! I'm so proud of myself! I needed a new purse, badly, and I didn't want to buy one, so I made it....out of 3 fat quarters.
I really liked the patterns in the fabrics, and the colors. I wanted to do a stripe on the outside out of the bag with the lining fabric, but I totally forgot before I started to sew it together.

I also did this quilt for Shasta at Gracie Lou's today. Go here for a close up of the blocks and the borders quilting. I did flowers in the blocks and the borders. It turned out really cute.
I also got all of my awesome marketing products. I ordered them last week, and supposedly it was going to take 2 weeks to get them, but they came today. Super fast shipping, apparently! Anyway, I went to put my cute car door magnets on my car, after paying for a car wash, and they didn't stick. Hmmm....wonder why? Couldn't possibly be because Saturn doors aren't metal!!! They're fiberglass. Yeah, totally forgot about that when I ordered them. I guess I should've ordered the window cling, after all. Maybe next time. I was so looking forward to being a driving advertisement, though. I'll figure something out. Maybe Mike will give in and let me stick them on is car! haha, like that will ever happen!


Hey It's Di said...

I've got it! Strap the fridge to the top of the car and put the ad magnets there!! Genius I know:)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The purse is awesome! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of fusible vinyl? I'd never admit this, but yesterday I watched Martha Stewart and one of her guests made the most adorable bag out of fabric that had been fused to vinyl, then she STAPLED it together and used white DUCT TAPE to cover the staples. I KID YOU NOT. And it was ADORABLE for Christmas presents!!

Blakely said...

I love the purse.

Fiesta said...

your quilt is lovely. I like the way you quilted it.