Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a DAY!

WHAT A DAY! Apparently this little one had had it! No, I don't normally let him run around pants-less. He pulled them off all by himself. He is getting so big! Then, after his pants were off, he fell asleep in his playpen while I was quilting. I had to stop and take a picture, because it was too cute!
I finished this quilt yesterday. I finished this one on Saturday, and then spent the weekend binding it. It was a custom quilt for a client who's son is going on a mission. I took lots of pictures, so please follow the link and look at them. The quilt turned out really cool, and it wasn't hard to do. It was only 2 pieces of fabric with some batting, quilted together. I've done several quilts out of just plain fabric before, but nothing like this. It was a fun challenge, and I think it's a great gift for a missionary whether going out or coming home.

I haven't gotten a whole lot of work done on my grandma's quilt this week yet. I made the mistake of letting my husband buy Fable 2 for XBOX 360, and then got sucked into it. I even started a character! Oh I am so addicted! The funny thing is, this isn't even my game genre. The only RPG I have ever really liked were the super paper mario ones! Usually, if I do play a video game, I play Hexic or Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise or the original Viva Pinata (they are both quite addicting as well!) I have been known to enjoy a rousing game of Halo 3 online, but it's been quite a while since we've played that.

I really am hoping to buckle down tomorrow and get 20 more blocks done on grandma's quilt. Since it's the World Series again (blech!) there won't be any Bones on Fox (BOO to no Bones for going on 3 weeks!) and there isn't anything else good on TV on Wednesday's, so I won't be distracted too much.

Oh, and congrats to Jon and Janene, our friends, who just found out they're expecting! YAY! for them!! :)

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Gina said...

Such a cute picture. i adore pics of little ones sleeping.

Great quilting

love and hugs gina xxx