Friday, February 20, 2009

Woah what a day!

Today has been CRAZY! I was hoping to get some work done, but alas! That didn't happen. :(

I did however get my quilting blog updated. HOORAY! Yeah, I was only like 3 weeks behind. No big deal, right? haha. I've gotten some really cute quilts from clients, so head over there and check them out.

Tomorrow my nephew, Diana's son, is getting married. I realized today that since I have lost all this weight, I have nothing to wear! My church skirts barely stay on as it is. I had to go shopping.

Also, tomorrow our land lady is bringing people by to look at the apartment we just moved out of. I needed to do some laundry and clean the apartment.

And, Mike needed to get his hair cut. (Which reminds me....he fixed our cable today. Yes, that is right. The man with no cable installation experience whatsoever fixed our cable within about 30 minutes. Remember, it took the cable guys around 4+ hours, and it still was not working? Yeah, my husband rocks!)

Well, we headed over to the shop to get Mike's hair cut. By 1 PM he still hadn't gotten it done. I was starting to freak out, because he was going to some fight night thing up in the SLC at 5:30. Mike told me to just go clean and shop and he'd tend Marshy.

YAY! Shopping childless is so much nicer than shopping with grabby mcgrabberstein! I bought a cute shirt at Deb, a really cute blue and yellow skirt and blue top at Downeast Basics, and the cutest dress ever at DressBarn. I still needed shoes, and found some really cute ones on a great deal at Payless.

I hurried over to the apartment, vacuumed the entire place, and started some laundry. Then I ran back home, picked up my boys, dropped Mike off at his nephew's house, and got Marshy some dinner. Then we went back to the apartment. I didn't get much done because of course Marshy wants to "help"...especially when I was using the steamer! I have to go back up in the morning because of this. We put our last load of laundry in the dryer, and headed for Wal-Mart. We still needed to buy ingredients for a salad we're taking to the wedding tomorrow.

Now, Marshy is watching Ni-hao Kai Lan! on Noggin, while the chicken cooks in the crock pot, and we wait for Mike to get home. Did I mention it's almost 11:30? Yeah. I'm hoping Marsh will go to bed soon.

The wedding is tomorrow....maybe if I remember to take the camera I will have some fun pictures.


Faith said...

It is so nice to need to go shopping b/c you are too skinny for all of your clothes! Glad you found a pretty dress. Have fun at the reception!

Ringmaster said...

your dress was fab on you. I loved it. I hope I can find one for the wedding I have to go to in a few weeks!