Sunday, February 8, 2009


Found his old Bumbo while I was packing up his things yesterday. Funny how when they're big enough to use the thing they HATE it, but now that they're too big they want to play with it. It's his favorite new chair. In fact, he threw a fit when I took it away and put it in the "to be boxed" pile.

He's having a hard time understanding what's going on. I packed up almost all of his toys yesterday while he was eating dinner. When he got to his room and saw the pile of boxes he didn't understand. He saw "Horton Hatches an Egg" (only one of his favorite books of all time so far) through one of the hand holds in the boxes. He flipped out until I opened the box and pulled it out. He can still see part of one of his trucks in there, but I am not getting it out for him. He'll just have to deal with it until Saturday.

Mike is going out of town on business tomorrow (Idaho this month), so it will be just me and Marsh packing. Well, really just me. This means my days will consist of something like this: get up, get ready, go to work. Work until 5 or 6, go home, eat dinner. Put Marsh to bed, pack until 9 or 10. Study until 1 or 2. Yeah, so much fun. All by myself. Oh well, I can do it. I think I have half the house packed up already! YAY for me!! :D

My class is supposed to end on the 24th. I'm not even to the midterm yet (but I am close!) I emailed my counselor to see if I could register for part 2 in April instead of March, since I am not finished with part 1 yet. Hopefully she says yes!

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Faith said...

Good luck with the packing!

Grace does the same thing with the Bumbo.