Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some stress relieved

My class is scheduled to end on the 24th of February. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, not even close to finishing.

Last night I emailed my counsellor asking if I could maybe register for part 2 in April instead of March, especially since I would be losing the better part of this week with the move (and work, but I didn't bother her with that information).

She emailed me back and said I could either:

A) extend until March 28th, but because I was "still at the beginning of the coursework this would require a lot of hard work and dedication to finish because the clinic notes take around 130 hours to complete" (I think she was trying to scare me).


B) I could re-register for part 1 in March, giving me 16 more weeks, but I would have to retake everything I've already done.



I opted for the extension until March 28th.

I also informed her that I study until around 2 AM every night, and this extension would enable me to not kill myself.

Mike seems to think I can finish the course by the end of February. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah right!

Especially since I am now working on "resources" and learning about word history, etc, and my medical dictionary (the one that weighs like 20 lbs) is packed away in the bottom of one of the many boxes stacked in one of the many rooms of our apartment. I am not going to unpack everything just to find this book. That would be crazy.

So, this defnitely takes some stress off my shoulders. Maybe now I can focus on getting over this blasted cold I have suddenly gotten (that has totally kicked my trash - I came home from work, put Marshy in his high chair with his dinner, and fell asleep on the couch for 40 minutes!).

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