Thursday, February 12, 2009


I feel like tearing my hair out. See, we're moving on in TWO DAYS from today. I have been packing for 2 weeks. I still don't have everything packed.

It is 11 PM.

I have a whopping 3 empty boxes left to pack a bathroom, all my knick-knacks, and a closet full of random stuff into. Yes, I think I am short way too many boxes.

Did I mention it's 11 PM?

Did I also mention that my 2 year old is sneaking down the hall at this very minute, hoping I won't see him and put him back into bed?

Too bad for him that it is WAY past his upwards of 4 hours.

Too bad for me I gave him a melatonin last night.

Okay, I'm calm now. He's in bed....for the time being.... and I am going to veg on the couch now for a while. Maybe I'll pop a movie in or something. And maybe I'll eat some food. I'm kind of hungry. Couldn't possibly be because I've been packing and moving and lifting boxes since 7 PM.

I don't know when we'll get our internet hooked up, so you might not hear from me for a while. I will try not to go through internet withdrawls.

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Bonnie the Boss said...

Good luck I hope the move goes well!