Thursday, February 5, 2009


The last year of TV has been rather difficult for us. We've had to give up several of our favorite TV shows because we have cable TV instead of DirecTV, which means we don't have Tivo. We have given up CSI (sadly, but we did get to see Grissom's last 2 episodes, which were really REALLY good), Without a Trace, Biggest Loser, Law and Order SVU, Amazing Race, Intervention, Secret Life, and Mike has had to give up Paranormal State because it comes on at 11 PM and plays for 2 hours.

This past Monday was especially hard. Chuck is back on NBC now, at 7 PM, and House is on Fox at 7 PM. We picked the 3D Chuck over House (sadly not knowing that Chuck would be in standard def on Hulu the next day!). At 8 PM it was Heroes, which was awesome as usual, and at 11 PM was Secret Life on ABC and Paranormal State on A&E. I chose Paranormal State, and then watched the Secret Life re-play at 1 AM.

Well, enough was enough! We are moving, and the city we're moving to has digital cable, which really made Mike happy.

We did some looking around and found an AWESOME deal on a Tivo today. We went over to Best Buy and got it.

OH HOW I MISSED MY TIVO!! I don't have to miss any part of my shows because someone is throwing a tantrum because his bottle is only halfway full instead of totally full. I don't have to stay up late to watch all of Hello Dolly on AMC because I can now record it. It is a dual channel Tivo, so we can watch/record 2 shows at the same time again. Do you know what this means?? DO YOU??? It means I can go back to watching ALL of my shows!!

I am so excited!! Seriously, we have majorly missed out! AND! Because it's a Tivo and not a DirecTV unit we get to watch our Instant View Queue from Netflix on the Tivo box! YAY!

I feel like the people in the Comcast Triple Play commercials (you know, the one where they are so excited about their deals that they run out and tell everyone they see?). Yeah, just a little random post tonight about how happy I am.

Honestly, I don't know why we didn't just get a Tivo last year! Okay, I'm done now. I just really missed it. And I'm glad it's back. :D


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I can't watch tv regular now. Guess I'm spoiled. It means so many less commercials.

Blakely said...

we had a DVR with our cable company, but we found we were watching way to much tv. so we gave it up. It has saved us both time and money.

Rachy Maree said...

Jo- you are so funny. Did you know you can watch a ton of different shows online? Dave and I sometimes have "catch up" friday and watch House, Bones, The Office, 30 Rock, etc. We rarely get to watch shows when they are on- and we don't have TiVo either. :)

Glad you got your new TiVo, though. It is convenient and I do long for one at times.... but then I would never stop watching TV. There are too many shows I could be addicted to. ya know?