Friday, February 13, 2009

So Sweet

So, around 11:30 PM, Marshy sneaked out of his room and climbed into my bed. I was in the living room checking my email. I heard him sneak out of his room. He is so funny, because he thinks I don't hear him.

I have discovered that Marshy didn't want to go to bed because he doesn't like his room. He likes my room. And my bed. And his dad's pillows (sorry Mike!) He climbed up onto the bed, laid down on the pillows, and pulled the sheets up over him. He looked up at me and said "Na-night!" I snuggled next to him for a few minutes and pretended to sleep. He sat straight up and said "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." and then he whispered "wake up!"

I tried so hard not to laugh! It was the cutest thing ever! We played this game for about 15 minutes before I designated it the official sleep-in-your-own-bed-bedtime. Fortunately he was so tired he went right to sleep.

As frustrated as I get at him for not going to bed at bedtime, he sure does do the sweetest things. Last night he would wait til I was almost out the door and would say "mommy. Mommy." until I came back into the room. He'd give me a hug, gripping my arm tight and then smile and say "wov you". How cute is that?!

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Karen said...

oooooh...the boy sure knows how to tug at your heart, doesnt' he?