Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Behind Update

This post is dedicated to behinds.

I am behind at work. It sucks. I try to catch up, but feel like it's never going to happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a lot done. At least two maybe? I'd actually settle for 1 1/2 even.

Marshy has the cutest little behind. He has this funny little problem with his underwear not staying up, and he cracks out a little. It's cute. Until they're down around his ankles and he's yelling "Help! Messes!" Then it's bad.

My pants no longer stay up on my behind, with or without a belt. That's kind of nice. I'm not going to complain....too much. It is kind of a pain to have to keep buying pants and belts. But I did go dress shopping and bought a really cute skirt from Downeast Outfitters, and instead of the normal XL that I buy it was an M, and could have possibly been an S. YAY! Go me! :D

The bathroom flooded tonight, leaking into the kitchen downstairs (UGH!) so now I am behind in my cleaning of the Provo apartment. At least the SF house is clean, mostly (still need to do the cupboard baseboards) Group dinner night on Friday, so that means I have to have it all done tomorrow. YIKES! There goes my afternoon, evening, and night. Thank goodness for TIVO!

I'm also behind in my laundry. Fortunately we are purchasing a BRAND SPANKING NEW washer and dryer tomorrow. WOOHOO! I'm so excited. No telling how long it will take to get here on the truck (we're ordering it through Mike's work, so we get a nice discount), but when it does I will be so happy. In the meantime I need to make time to run all 8 loads of my laundry up to the laundromat up the street. Do you think they have change machines? I've never done this before....totally new to the laundromat scene. I guess you could say I was a laundromat virgin.

I'm currently looking for a sewing cabinet/table to sit behind my couch in my living room so that I can sew at home. I don't have anywhere to sew at as of right now. It makes me sad, and I am going through withdrawls. My poor machine has been cooped up in its box for several weeks and I am sure it is thinking that is will never come out of storage again! :(

We're a little behind in the Aerogarden trend. We finally bought one yesterday. From Sam's Club. For $73.81. It was $169.99 at Sears. How Sam's can sell it for $100 cheaper is beyond me. Oh well, totally excited to have herbs growing in my kitchen :)

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Faith said...

Fun update! Great job on the weight loss! Hope the move goes smoothly.