Saturday, April 4, 2009


Probably not many of you know this, but the pictures that I post here and to my quilting blog have all been taken with either my crappy camera phone, or my HDD camcorder. Yes, I know, it's sad. I don't actually own a digital camera. In fact, I had to take some pictures of quilting for a client on a quilt up at Gracie Lou's, and Shasta made fun of me for not having an actual digital camera! I knew right then and there that I needed to work on getting one.

Well, then we decided to go to Vegas, and I KNEW that I HAD to have a digital camera that would fit in my bag. I was NOT going to carry my camcorder briefcase everywhere in Vegas. That's just an open invitation saying "Rob me, please, I have expensive equipment in this hard-shelled briefcase that I have been carrying on my shoulder everywhere." haha

We went to Sam's Club today, and wouldn't you know it? They were having a camera sale! WOAH! perfect timing!! We debated between a Nikon CoolPix and a Kodak EasyShare. We'd had a Kodak ES before, and it bummed out within a year. We weren't too impressed. We wanted the Nikon, but the one we want is like $500, and the cheapest model was really ugly (yes, I am picky when it comes to camera looks).

We decided on the Kodak ES. It is red. It is beautiful. It has 10.3 megapixels. It is AWESOME! and TINY! and CUTE!! I love it. I charged it as soon as we got home, and then took these great pictures of projects I've done lately.

This is my quarterly challenge purse. I finally topstitched it and sewed the button on (it had been safety pinned to the purse!)
This wreath is the wreath my great MIL helped me make. I had a whole bunch of leftover silks from some centerpieces I did a few years ago, that are now decorations in my home in various rooms. Anyway, I needed the drawer the leftovers were in, so I decided to make a wreath. The purple flowers and the tiny yellow ones were the only additional flowers I needed. Everything else was what I had. Doesn't it look great? Thanks MIL for all your awesome help!! :)


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How exciting.....great to have a camera that you can just throw in your bag, and it takes great photos as the handbag and the wreath is gorgeous..have fun with the new camera..

Blakely said...

I have a red Kodak easy share and I love it. We got it right before we went to Vegas.