Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's the little things

I admit, sometimes I am not a very patient mother. But, usually my impatience is provoked.

Little Marshy, though, knows when Mommy isn't happy, and knows just how to fix it. He turns into the sweetest little angel, sometimes, and makes me laugh so that I forget why I was mad.


Yesterday I was frustrated because we were running behind, and I wanted to hurry and get out the door before noon. Marshy just wanted to relax, and got his pillow, blankie, puppy, and sippy and laid down in the middle of the living room floor. "Na night mom!" he said. Then, "huh-shhhh huh-shhhh" He was pretending to be asleep.

Tuesday he wouldn't get out of the bath tub. There wasn't any water left in there, and he was shivering from the cold. I was starting to get upset that he wouldn't stand up and let me wrap a towel around him. He laid down in the tub and said "Shhhh mom. Seepin." and then he proceeded to pretend to sleep.

He was throwing a fit because all he had in his sippy was water, and not Coke or punch or milk, and then he saw the box of Little Debbie cosmic brownies I had bought for snacks. He immediately put on his cutest smile and said "chockit". He was too cute to resist! He got a cosmic brownie as soon as I could get the plastic wrap off the dang thing. :)

While having rotisserie chicken for dinner, he held his fork, full of chicken, in my direction and said "eat it." I told him to eat it. He wouldn't. He held it back toward me. "eat it." I wouldn't. He held it in my direction. I expected him to say "eat it," but instead was met with "All done. Catch it!" as it went flying in the air. Mad as I was that he threw his food, I thought it was too dang cute to get too angry with him over.

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