Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apprentice - SPOILER ALERT!

Did you watch the Apprentice on Sunday night? I have to admit, I absolutely loved Athena's video! Jesse James was hilarious! As for Kotu's? Yeah...kind of embarassed to watch it, and quite offended, especially with the thought bubbles.

As a person within All's demographic, I was quite disappointed that they didn't pick the Jesse James video to win. Every time I watch it I find it funnier...except the end was a little unnecessary, but still funny.

As for the firings? TOTALLY SHOCKED! I couldn't believe he let Tionne and Khloe go! I'm kind of thinking that was a big mistake, and Clint should've gone and been the only one to go. Just my opinion though. That's probably why Trump has the billion dollars and I have not nearly close to that!

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