Sunday, April 12, 2009


We went to the park the other day. Marshy had so much fun and was so excited to show his daddy what a big boy he is.
He loves going down the big slide....even if it takes him a while to get started down it!

Sometimes he acted like he was afraid of the slide, even though he loves it. He's so silly!
He also likes to take his shoes off. He left them at the top of the slide this time.

It took me forever to get this picture! I kept missing the moment and just getting the top of his head. haha.
See that gray thing on the right side of the picture? It's a fake rock formation. Marshy can climb up it by himself, which is a good thing because that's the easiest way to get to the slides.
I had a hard time getting him to hold still long enough to get him to smile for a picture. I caught this one while he was looking over at Daddy.
He went down this tunnel slide for the first time. After that, he loved putting his shoes down it. Silly boy!
Putting his shoes back on.
We had so much fun, and he was so sad when we had to go home. He loves the park.

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