Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Who closes a pool at 5 PM?

I'll tell you who:

That's who.

How do you fix a sad little boy who wanted to go swimming but can't because the pool is closed?

I'll show you:

Let him swim in the bathtub!

Isn't he sad? He slipped and fell on the bathroom floor after not being able to go swimming in the pool.

Kisses for mommy.

Back in the tub. Happy at last.


We're going swimming first thing tomorrow to make up for it.


Neil said...

This is the life, Zing!!

What a great vacation you are having. I'm jealous! MUM


DAJP said...

Sorry you fell Marsh! That's so fun that you guys are on vacation in Vegas. Such a fun place, Jealous! Don't drop and break your phone crossing the street. Ha...Ha....