Sunday, April 12, 2009


Look what the Easter Bunny left! WOW! He left a lot of fun stuff for Marshy!
He hid eggs in really easy places, cuz he knew Marsh wouldn't find them if they weren't obvious.
He thought it would be funny if he hid some in Marshy's shoes.

And on the steps.

Marshy slept through the Easter Bunny's visit. Sometimes he likes to sleep on his couch or the floor instead of his bed. We'll start him off in bed, but when we go to check on him before going to bed ourselves we'll find he's moved everything to the floor.

Marsh had loads of fun finding all of the eggs.
He was really excited to see all of the Dora and Diego games the Easter Bunny left.

A couple of the easter eggs popped open spilling m&ms everywhere. This disturbed him, and his OCD kicked in. Seriously, he has a little bit of OCD because he had to put everything back into the spilled eggs before he could get another egg.
See? Told ya so!
Putting easter eggs in his easter basket.
Again with the spilled candies.

More Easter eggs.

Marshy smiling for Mike, who was videotaping the whole thing.
Taking a candy break.
Finding the eggs in the high chair.
And getting the eggs off the piano.
And off the bookshelf.
He was funny when he got them off the stairs, because he counts every time he goes up or down them, "One, Six, Nine, Seven, Two" We're working on getting them in the right order now.
Another candy break. (Please disregard the unpacked box behind's all of my desk things, and I still don't have a desk. Really need to find one soon so I can unpack that stupid box!)
Finally! The Easter eggs are all found, and we get to play with the Easter Bunny presents! Mike, the good example he is, stuffed both of Marsh's water balls up his shirt. Marsh wanted to be "girly" again, so he tried to do it himself.
Still trying to get that ball up his shirt!
Later in the afternoon we went over to Grandma P's and had a hot dog roast and another Easter egg hunt (in the rain!). It was lots of fun, even if it was raining pretty hard!

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jenny said...

he is so big-!! omg. and so so cute. =)