Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Have you ever been so angry at someone that you can hardly think straight, and it takes talking to like 10 different people to calm you down enough to put coherent sentences together?



I got a letter today. Well, not so much a letter but an envelope with a check in it. The check was for $405. This was the "remainder" of our deposit for our old apartment. You're probably thinking "that's not bad. why so mad?" but when you hear the rest you'll freak out too.

We paid $1200 for our deposit. Yes, $1200. Our rent was $795 a month. Hmmm...freaky coincidence that that amount is what was taken out of the deposit? I think not!

Our contract stated that tenancy could be terminated at any time by either party as long as there was 30 days written notice. So, when we got our new place we immediately provided the written notice, sent it off certified mail, and signed the contract for the new place (which is so AMAZINGLY AWESOME compared to the last place).

Then, we cleaned the crap out of that apartment. Remember how I wouldn't get home until late in the night/early in the morning? Remember how excited I was when I was finally done with the place? I had cleaned the carpets, vacuumed 3 times, swept everything, wiped out everything, filled ALL the nail holes (including the ones that she left when we moved in), and replaced a set of blinds. I was glad to be out of that crappy place, and into a much nicer one.

Well, when we left the keys at the apartment (she "couldn't make it down to check you out of the place") we left a note stating that we would like an itemized list of any money coming out of the deposit, and also that the power and gas would be shut off on the 3rd.

I hadn't heard anything from her. The check was due by Friday, as the contract says she has 20 days to get us our deposit back. Well, like I said, I got the check today.... but only for $405.

Our theories:

Angel thinks she spent all the money and is just saying that there was $795 in repairs, so she would only have to pay $405.
Vicki thinks that she is charging us for March's rent (as do Mike, my dad, and myself) even though we vacated the premises by the 28th of February.
I also think she is just being a B about it, and kind of figured we'd have to fight her to get our money back anyway. I started to suspect back in May, but really started to suspect earlier this year, January 25th, when her MOM called us instead of her to find out if we were planning on staying after our lease ran up. After she found out we weren't, they turned a little hostile on the phone. And what the heck was her mom calling us for anyway? She isn't on the lease agreement! And Tammy was right there, because I could hear them talking to each other. DUH!

Remember when Marshy locked himself in his room? Yeah, we didn't get the keys until like September or October I think. I was going through the copies of all the letters I sent her (thank goodness I kept copious records!), and found one dated in August that said we still hadn't received the keys and could we get them soon please? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

Anyway, yeah, I'm still just a LITTLE livid about the whole thing, if you couldn't tell. Even though I've sent the letter off, certified, that requests return of the $795 as she can't charge us for that extra month's rent.

I really feel sorry for whoever purchases/leases from her after us. I just hope they know what they are getting into.


Karen said...

I watch People's Court all the time and this "not returning the deposit" is one of her most frequent cases. She absolutely CANNOT keep any of your deposit without giving you a written break-down of why she's keeping it. You can take her to small claims court if she refuses. Maybe you'll end out on People's Court!!

Faith said...

I hope you are able to get your money back without too much of a fight. If you are going to be on People's Court let us know when so that we can watch. ;-)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

For that amount of money and on principal I'd get an attorney.

Bonnie the Boss said...

You have evey right to be upset! I think it sounds like she isn't a woman with integrity. She probably figured you would just take it and not say anything.