Saturday, March 7, 2009


SCHOOL: Finished radiology. And pathology. I think radiology was the hardest, dealing with all of those ARDS patient records. Now I get to learn about other medical departments, and their reports. I'm assuming along the lines of oncology, pediatrics, etc. Oncology might be a tough one too. We'll see.

WORK: Finished 1 quilt, and did 3 complete quilts Friday at work. And I didn't really get started quilting until around noon! WOAH! I totally amazed myself, because I was only there until 5:30, too. I must've had the quilting bug or something. Hoping to get at least 1 started, maybe even finished today (Saturday).

Also, started the two little duckie quilts for our friend in NY. I'm hoping to get the tops pieced by the end of the month, and then quilting them should be a breeze.....hopefully!

CHALLENGES: Just downloaded the new blocks for the Country Calendar, Verandah Views, and Basket quilt blocks. (See the sidebar for links). I still haven't done January or February. I'm hoping to get them started fairly soon as I can find my scissors and buy some DMC floss! I have to make up for missing February's finish 1 project goal, so I'm hoping to get caught up on at least 2 of these BOMs.

Also, if you're looking for a fun challenge, go here and enter this quarter's challenge. You need to pick a partner, it's in the rules, but have fun with it! I called my mom up to see if she'd be interested. She sounded pretty excited. I think it's because she has a sewing room now. YAY for her! :)

HOME: Having a hard time keeping Marsh's room clean. He likes to throw his toys everywhere. I have discovered that if his room is messy he is less likely to go to sleep quickly than if his toys are at least in a pile in one of the corners! I only have 2 boxes and 1 laundry basket left to unpack, so that is good news. Then hopefully I can get pictures up on the walls. That would be nice.

CRAFTS: I made really cute silk floral centerpieces for Thanksgiving a few years back. Fortunately they look good year-round. I'm hoping to make a matching wreath for my door next week. The door really needs some major help!

ODD: In perusing my credit card statements, I discovered that 2 of the 4 payments I need to make are not due until April, even though I haven't paid in March. Why is this? Is this normal? I'm confused? Oh well, will definitely still make the March payment just to stay ahead. :)

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