Monday, March 16, 2009


I got a lot done at work today! I am so proud of myself. I put a quilt on, but didn't have the right size batting, so I have to go get some tomorrow. The batting place is closed on Mondays, which is kind of dumb, but oh well!

Since I couldn't quilt, I decided to get to work on the commissioned quilts I am doing for a family friend out in NY. I got all the pieces cut out for both quilts. Then I cut and attached the binding for Marshy's "Froggin' Saur Bankdie" so I can finally finish it for him! He's been using it without the binding on it, so it will be nice to be able to have it finished.

I stayed a little later today, and got most of 1 of the commissioned quilts sewn together, and pieces of the 2nd one sewn together. Tomorrow is Colton's Angels at 6, so I will stay at work, instead of going home, and hopefully finish piecing at least the first top together. I am hoping to have them quilted by the weekend so that I can have them bound by Monday! Yes, just a little ambitious. haha

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Bonnie the Boss said...

Good luck with all you have going on.