Monday, March 9, 2009

The Team

Do you love your team? Sometimes more than your team loves you? Really? ME TOO!

Today I loved my team so much that I scraped the car off, in the BLIZZARD that was happening, in my FLIP FLOPS, before my family got in the car.

Then we drove up to Gracie Lou's to drop off a quilt. I was in there for a few minutes, it was crazy busy, so I kept it brief. I was maybe in there for a max of 5 minutes. Upon coming out to the car, it was completely covered in snow again. Mike needed me to brush the windows off so he could see.

I got out of the car, grabbed the snow removal brusher thingy and went to work. As I walked around the back of the car, I suddenly found myself lying on the ground, completely covered in snow. I was FREEZING! All I was wearing was a sweater over my t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops, and I was completely soaked.

I finished wiping the car off, which didn't really do any good because by the time I got back in the car it was covered again (stupid snow), and got back in the car, where Mike was sitting laughing hysterically at me!




Okay, it was pretty funny looking back on it. I'm sure it looked hilarious. But my pinky toe still hurts from the fall, and my pants were so wet they just got out of the dryer. I had to run them on a complete dry cycle!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love for my team. I love them so much I was willing to take the worst fall in the history of my life (well, at least top 10 worthy), so that they could have a wiped off, snow-free car.


Kathi D said...

So, would it be wrong for me to mention that I did my errands in shorts and flipflops today?

Yeah, I shouldn't mention that. It would just be mean.

Karen said...

I hesitate to ask why you were out in the snow in a sweater and flip-flops? Just askin'.