Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sparky and Marshy, BFF

I was watching Marshall and Sparky play last night, and I realized that the "professionals" are right! I read in one of my parenting books, What to Expect: The Toddler Years, about how pets, especially dogs, help toddlers learn responsibility and to take care of something else.

Up until now, Sparky has really not paid much attention to Marshall. But now that Marshall is walking and crawling and playing all over the house, Sparky loves to play with him! Even when Marshall pulls his hair, he's really trying to pet him, Sparky still licks his face and curls up next to him on the floor.

It amazes me that this little 9-lb dog can love my little boy so much, and they actually get along all the time! I'm so glad that my two "boys" play nice all the time!



Lola...again said...

Yeah!! I found you Busty Larue!!
Your quiet book is going to be so cute!!

Lola...again said...

OK Busty! Your blog won't let me post a message!! I'll give it another try!
Your quiet book is adorable! Tons of work for you! Happy blogging!