Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

While I was working on my quilting project this afternoon, Marshy decided to be my little helper and unload an entire cupboard of its cans and cookie cutters.



He likes to line everything up and group them together.


He is also very helpful when it comes to putting things back into the cupboard, even though he doesn't put everything away!

Midway through his unloading of the cupboard, he got distracted by Sparky playing with his sister, Fiona, outside on the back porch. He ran up to the door and started hitting it saying "Doggies, doggies!" Well, that's what the words sounded like, at least.


This picture is from yesterday, but he does the same thing everytime he sees something on the porch or in the back yard. So cute!


He loves his little Sparky-dog, but Sparky is a little afraid of him. He runs away, probably because he doesn't want to be man-handled!


Marshy of course usually gives chase, and then Sparky ends up hiding under the couch, or jumps up on Daddy's lap!


Lola...again said...

I'm just glad he wasn't unloading the garbage can (the one with the air-tight lid) in the Mothers room today....ewwwwwww!

Busty LaRue said...

Oh I know!! I think it was empty, because it was really light when I moved it back into the corner. He can be so naughty sometimes!

vickla said...

Thanks for the clips of inside the house with Marshy...Cute boy and doggie...Hope boy and dog don't run from me when I get home.