Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our trip to Africa

We went for a little jaunt up to Salt Lake today. We were driving down Redwood, because Mike saw some stores he wanted to show me. He always finds the most interesting things while he drives around for work. There are a couple of Polynesian stores that looked interesting, but were closed. Then, we found the store Mike was really looking for: African Restaurant and Mini-Mart!!


It looked like it was pretty run-down, but we stopped because it was open. We went in, and the few men in the store were very nice and friendly. They were redoing the mini-mart section, but invited us to go up to the restaurant. We declined, as we were just looking around. It was really interesting to see some of the food they carried. It is not at all what I would have expected in a mini-mart!

At least now we can say we have been to Africa!


vickla said...

That building looks about 10 times better than any building in Monrovia. I don't blame you for not going to the restaurant...we have been here a year and haven't been to an African Restaurant yet!! The food is really hot!!
Make you homesick for us though??

Lola...again said...

Did they have bush meat?

Busty LaRue said...

We are always homesick for you! But we know you will be home soon! :) As for the bush meat, I'm not sure. Things were in baggies and funny looking cans.

love.boxes said...

I didn't know that was there. Love SLC! So fun!

bawb said...

You should try the restaurant next time; it's really tasty, and it's actually fairly nice upstairs.