Friday, January 11, 2008


My little angel has enterd the "hoarding" stage. That wonderful stage where he feels that everything is his. I no longer have a sewing machine cover, as it has become his "stash box". It sits in the middle of the living room, turned upside down, overflowing with items that my angel has felt needed to be "put away".


This is how full the sewing machine cover is.

It is almost to the point of overflowing, but it is definitely time to empty it!


Periodically, I'll dump out the lid and put everything away, but before I know it, it is overflowing again! Today was one of those empty and put away days. You'll never believe how much stuff he can fit in there!

He had two of Grandma's books (we are currently residing in Grandma's house while she and Grandpa are serving an LDS mission), one of Grandma's cowboy action figure toys, 9 mini tonka cars for his race track, the lid to his block shape sorter, the zebra cart for his Fisher-Price Animal Train, his baby cell phone, a rubber crab and a rubber fish that go with his baby magnet blocks, a remote control, an empty water bottle, baby powder, an American Idol Coca-Cola plastic glass, Mom's craft bells, Mom's sewing measuring tape, Dad's mini-mag flashlight, Sparky's toy hedgehog, and Sparky's toy ball. See! I told you you wouldn't believe how much stuff he could fit in there!

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