Sunday, November 1, 2009

1 Month Later

My total lack of photos for my posts is because I forgot that we have a Nikon D60, which Mike uses to take pictures. Since he is the official photographer whenever we go anywhere, the Nikon has all the pics. I found these while looking for the Halloween ones, and figured I ought to post them, because I'm pretty sure that I haven't yet. Also, it's been a month since Marshy turned 3.
The birthday boy wanted to help make the cake. And by make I mean eat.
We went all out this year. Funfetti cake and icing. Happy Birthday sugar stick ons. A huge "3" candle (instead of 3 tiny candles).

Lighting the candle. He's never actually blown one out before, so we were hoping he'd be able to figure it out.
First time!

Opening his dinosaur cards from some of the cousins.

He couldn't wait to open presents.

Of course, he was a little unsure how to start.

Then he finally got it, and the paper started to fly.

It was one of the noisiest toys ever! A bag full of band instruments: a drum, wrist bells, clappers, etc. He loves it. Me, not so much. haha. It is definitely headache inducing on some days.

All of the kids wanted to play with his toy. He was nice to share for about five minutes! haha

Next present: jammies....

.....and a set of emergency vehicles.

Presents from mom and dad were boring: clothes! We had to replace his entire wardrobe for fall/winter, because he has grown so much since last year. We totally skipped over 3T and went straight to 4T!

He also got a really cool dinosaur flashlight from the cousins, aunts and uncles. He loves it! He sleeps with it everynight. You pull the tail and he roars and the light turns on. It's quite cute. :)

This is a few days before his party, at his cousin's party. We went to the Salem pond a little earlier to feed the ducks. He loved it.

Of course, he ate more of the bread than the ducks did. hehe

And this is a Cheezit Spongebob. Marshy was so proud of it after he made it, and he wanted me to take a picture. Could you tell it was Spongebob? me neither, until he told me! haha

And this is Marshy sleeping in the car on Saturday. Yeah, I know, it totally doesn't fit with the timeline of this post, but I thought it was so cute. We spent 4 hours looking for a sewing machine at one had it. Marshy got really tired of driving around the valley looking for it and decided to take a nap. :)

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