Thursday, November 5, 2009


Why does NBC always have to ruin my fun?!

They always cancel the good shows and leave the crap.

Case in point: The Black Donnelly's and Kidnapped in 2007. They were both really good, IMHO, and were "cancelled" from TV after only a few episodes. Then they were banished, without really telling us faithful viewers anything, to Then they were officially cancelled.

Chuck almost got cancelled, too. If you watch the show, you can tell by the season finales. Season 1 ended without too much of a cliffhanger. Same with Season 2 (although that finale ended with quite the surprise!)

Some shows deserve to be cancelled: ABC Family's Sophie and Roommates were both AWFUL. FOX's 'Til Death has pretty much run its course. I feel bad for them. The one episode I've watched this season made fun of the fact that their daughter is being played by a 3rd actress now, and that the series is a sitcom.

Now they are cancelling Trauma. I love that show! I was just starting to get into the characters and the story line and all that. Hopefully they'll let them finish out all the ordered epsiodes on TV, and not banish them to


Kathi D said...

I just hate it when one of my favorites gets cancelled!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I LOVE chuck! If it gets canceled I am going to be one sad woman.