Sunday, November 22, 2009

27 years ago...

27 years ago, Mike was born.

5 years and 5 months ago, Mike and I met. He sold me my 2nd cell phone. Yes, you read that right. I already had one!

4 years and 11 months ago, Mike and I got engaged.

4 years and 7 months ago, Mike and I had this picture taken:

It was not the picture we picked for our announcements. I wanted this one. It got vetoed by everyone else. :( I still really like this one though :)

This photo was taken when we were in Vegas in April. I don't think he knows he's in the picture. haha.

This picture was taken when Marshy was maybe 6 months old? Mike and I love the zoo, and are so glad that Marshy does too. It's a great family outing.
Happy birthday honey! We love you!

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