Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feeling Accomplished

I feel rather accomplished tonight. I finished a quilt of my own (still needs binding, but I'm out of matching thread). I also FINALLY put the binding on the New Year's Day Mystery Quilt. Yeah, I know I only quilted it in JANUARY and it's now OCTOBER....but as long as I finish it by the end of the year, it should be okay, right? haha

Also, I am so close to finishing Marshy's Cars quilt, the quilt I finished piecing LAST JUNE. It's finally quilted (pictures to come soon both here and on the quilting blog), and the binding is almost done. YAY! Just in time for Christmas....a year late. At least it's getting done, right? I was going to make him a fitted sheet and a flat sheet (pillowcase is finished) and a bedskirt, but I'm thinking I might wait until we move him from the daybed/crib size mattress to an actual toddler bed. We'll see. He's for sure getting the quilt and the pillowcase for Christmas though.

I also finished the Turtle costume the other night. So yeah, I'm getting a lot done. Or maybe it just seems that way because I now have less bags lying around on my couches, kitchen table, ironing board, piano, piano bench, and jukebox/sewing table waiting to be finished. Of course, I still have the huge missionary quilt to finish (the one out of ties), but I think I'll work on that after the chaos of Halloween is over.

I PROMISE! I will update the quilting blog soon. I will also post pictures here or Marshy trunk-or-treating for technically the first time ever (we went last year, but he was in the stroller and didn't really understand what was happening). Tomorrow we are going to my parents' ward and Saturday we will go to trunk-or-treat with Mike's parents' ward. Fun fun!!! :)

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