Monday, May 4, 2009

What a weekend!

WOW! What a weekend we've had!

We got back from Vegas Friday night.

Saturday we dropped Marshy off at my parents' house. Mike and I then joined his family at the Texas Roadhouse where we had awful food. Then we walked around the South Towne Mall for a while. Then we went to see Miss Saigon at the Pioneer Theater. Mike's cousin, Natalie, played Ellen. And she was FABULOUS. :D

We picked Marshy up from my parents house and got home about 12:30 AM. About 1:30 AM Marshy woke up screaming. I ran into his room to find him sitting up in his bed drenched in stinky barf. Oh it makes me want to throw up just thinking about how bad it was! Mike hurried and drew a bath and we put Marshy in to get washed off while we worked on de-stenching his room and getting the sheets changed. At about 2 AM we got Marshy back into bed and somewhat settled down.

At 2:30 AM, just as we had started to fall back asleep, Marsh started screaming. I ran in just as he threw up all over his bed, the floor, his pillows, and would have thrown up all over his non-washable stuffed animals had I not thrown them across the room! Poor kid! I was so tired I could barely think, so it took me 10 minutes to get his bath drawn...again... and new sheets up there. Mike got the carpet cleaner ready and I cleaned the carpets while Mike watched baby in the tub. We got Marshy back into his room about 3:30 AM.

He didn't want to sleep in his bed. He wanted his couch. Of course, having barfed all over both of the spare pillows we had, I had to use a couch pillow for him to lay on. We put a little bit of Mike's leftover Baja Blast Mountain Dew in a sippy for him, it was all we had to calm his tummy. I didn't think it would work, but it did! We turned on Toy Story 2 and I laid down on the floor next to Marshy's couch.

Mike went back to bed, and I fell asleep until the movie ended. I swear we watched that movie 3 times before he wanted to go downstairs and watch tv. I turned on Nick and fell asleep on the couch. Before I knew it was 10 AM!

Marshy was sluggish and grumpy all day, and refused to go to bed until 10 PM. UGH! He finally went to sleep. No fever, no barfing, but he is pretty restless tonight. All-in-all so far so good.

Tomorrow I have a Dr appointment, so if he is still sicky I will have her look at him too, but I'm hoping he'll be feeling better.

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Karen said...

What a lovely way to return from your vacation! And now you have loads and loads of laundry to do. Fun times.