Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh yeah!

Ever wonder what happened to the season 2 cast members of Heroes that were killed off? I can tell you where they went: Fox's Glee. Yeah. Claire's mom and Elle's dad are both on it. Weird.

Also, just saw the preview for HP6. Yeah, so excited. Love HP. More than I love Twilight (and I must confess I love it a lot.)


The Peterson Family said...

I watched Glee and laughed my butt off. So dumb! It reminds me of "Election" but I may have to watch a couple more episodes to see if I'm really going to get into it or not.

Faith said...

No way! It's out in July. That's so soon!!

Lizard said...

I think I may love Glee. Quirky and silly. My cup o' tea. :) And I have HUGE crush on Harry Potter! He's right up there with Atticus Finch.