Friday, May 1, 2009

Things we ate...

MONDAY: Lunch - In-N-Out Burger.
Dinner - Cheesecake Factory....Service...not so great, but it could've been worse (keep reading). The server disappeared 30 minutes before we got our check. It took him so long, in fact, that Mike had to take Marshy outside into the Forum Shops at Caesar's to look at the fish in the aquarium to calm him down.

TUESDAY: Breakfast - Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Mmmm.... Yummy.
Lunch - ??? Don't think we ate lunch! :S
Dinner - Carnegie Deli. We ordered the Corned Beef sandwich (seen below) and a slice of plain cheesecake. Mmmm.....the cheesecake was heaven.

WEDNESDAY: Breakfast: Breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Lunch: Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Mmmm.... Cheeseburger in Paradise-alicious! :)

Dinner: CPK. AWFUL! The didn't have an access ramp so we had to carry Marshy upstairs in the stroller. They don't have a kids menu, so we ordered Marshy a cheesey-bread bruschetta appetizer. The service sucked so bad that we didn't leave a tip. Yeah, it has to be bad for us to not leave a tip. Our server walked past us at least 5 times within a 30 -minute period while we were finished, empty plates, waiting for her to give us our check.

Oh yeah, and Marshy didn't like the cheesey bread. He was content just eating the butter pats. (see below). We try to get him to eat real food. I promise!

Late-night snack: Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Cost us $20 for 2 ice creams. What the? AND! (this is the kicker) they only took cash, so Mike and Marsh went to find an ATM. 3 ATM's, and 4 security guards in the casino later, Mike shows up with a $20 to find out that it's like $20.34 or something like that. I only have $0.04 in change. Yeah. Sucky. They were nice and gave us the $0.30 free. Nice. Thanks a lot. Jerks.

THURSDAY: Breakfast: Buffet at the hotel.

Lunch: Outback Steakhouse. Not as good as we were told it was.

Dinner: Mickey D's. Yep. Kids meals were ordered, all food was cold. BOO to McDonald's! :(

FRIDAY: Breakfast: Jack and the B-fish (box)

Lunch: In-N-Out...Oh yeah, we need one up here.

Dinner: McDonald's.

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