Friday, May 1, 2009

Other Vegas Randoms

Sleeping in the car.
Apparently it was fake sleeping.

Yeah, definitely fake sleeping.

Still fake sleeping. He did eventually fall asleep. YAY!

Bass Pro Shops: OCC (Orange County Choppers) did this awesome bike for the store! Oh, and we met a guy that worked there that was from our hometown. Totally weird. At first we were kind of like "Yeah, whatever, everyone says that." But then he started saying things about the town, and the people and the wards, etc. so we knew he was really from up here. CRAZY!

At the Mirage:
Some weird, not quite a duck, duck.

Marsh was enthralled. He didn't want to leave the "Bird! Bird!"


Lizard said...

Very cute pic! I hope you guys had a blast!

Kathi D said...

Cute boy!

I think that bird is a coot. We have zillions of them around the lake in a park nearby. They are yucky in big pooping groups!