Friday, May 1, 2009

Wish I could capture the annoyingness with a photo....

Wish I had a picture of the non-working, non-existant modem in our room. Kind of made connecting to the internet a problem. Come to find out the modem was broken, and the ethernet cord-keeper had been stolen! Yeah, nice.
Also wish I had a picture. A picture of the letter left on our night table Tuesday night. Apparently the hotel/casino was planning a 4 hour power outage that night. Not too big a deal, right?
Well, apparently the power outage screwed up the alarm system. At 7 PM on Wednesday (remember, we went to get Ben & Jerry's?) the alarm system went off. Not a big deal right? WRONG. They went off for an hour! Yeah. Just a little annoying. Come to find out, it was just on our floor.

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