Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our landlord has watered the lawn 5 times in the past 24 hours. That's just a little excessive, doncha think?

Thursday night at 11, when Mike went to bed and I watched SYTYCD, the sprinklers were on.

Friday morning at 6, when Marshall woke up, the sprinklers were on.

Friday afternoon at 2, when we came home to help Mike pack for his trip, the sprinklers were on.

Friday evening at 6, when Marsh and I left to get dinner, the sprinklers were on.

Now, Saturday morning at 5, when I am blogging because I haven't been to sleep yet because I have too much energy, the sprinklers are on.

Will someone please tell this guy that the dandelions don't need that much water! I hear that our neighbors in the back building get flooded because of all the water. I also tend to think it is a total waste of water to water the lawn in the middle of the day when it is 80+ degrees outside.

AAAHHHHH!!! They make the most irritating noise! I can hear them loud and clear, even with the windows closed.

Oh yeah, and will someone shut up those birds in that tree outside, too?!

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