Friday, March 21, 2008

What CHAOTIC Mess?

My parents came down today to bring us some boxes and take our baby away, again, for the weekend (they took him Sunday and Monday so we could go to the funeral baby-free). My mom's first words, well almost first words, upon coming into the house were "What a chaotic mess. You shouldn't live like this." My reply was simple. "We don't. We're moving."

We weren't really stressed about moving until today. We got the moving truck reserved, most of our things packed, and even managed to watch a little TV. See, it's also HBO and Cinemax free preview weekend on DirecTv, and they are premiering 300. Yes, we own it on HD DVD, but for some reason it's always fun to watch a good movie on HBO when you get it for free!

Mike is having some of the boys over for game night tonight as well. Austin, Marshall, Kyle and Scott. He's trying to keep the tradition going, even though we are short one member of the gang.

This is the stack of boxes in the kitchen. Yes, there are quite a few there. Mostly just our kitchen stuff we were using. Not including our food, or the kitchen items we already have in boxes upstairs.

Let me ask you this: This isn't chaos, is it? hahaha Maybe just a little, but not for long!


kathi d said...

Well, sheesh, it's always a mess when you are getting ready to move! How could it not be? Especially on the moving out side. On the moving in side, it gets nicer and nicer as time goes by. Moving out, it gets worse and worse till you're gone.

Moving is stressful, even when you are glad to be moving!

Neil said...

That just looks like a picture of the family room on any given day!! haha....MUM

Busty LaRue said...

oh rude! It normally doesn't have that many boxes, and is normally a lot cleaner!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Truly there is nothing worse than moving.

It's Just me! said...

Chaotic mess? No. I happen to have a five year old that can make my house look that way on any given day! No moving required! **Sigh :(

Ninja Scott said...

Please stop taking blurry pictures with your camera phone. Either clean the lens, get a REAL camera or buy a new phone that has a Carl-Zeiss lens.

Thank You,

The Ninja

Busty LaRue said...

Ninja Scott -

It isn't my fault! My camera cords were all packed up in one of those many boxes. I still need to find them, in fact. Sorry you don't like my camera phone pictures.

P.S. - Thanks for all your help on Saturday with the loading and unloading of the truck! :)