Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess the Breed

Today we are going to play "Guess the Breed". The reason for this game is that Mike's aunt and uncle came to the shop today, and his uncle couldn't believe what breed Sparky was when I told him. It made me think it would be a fun game to guess what kind of a dog Sparky is. I'll post some pictures of him at various stages in his life so that you might have idea of what he has looked like in the past. Post your answer in the comments, and this weekend I'll post the answer! Fun, right? I thought so! haha

This is Sparky shortly after he was born...I think he was about 2 months old? He was a cute little ball of fluff, wasn't he?
This is Sparky at about 3 months. Less fluff, but still really adorable!

This picture was taken last February. Sparky was about one and a half. He had ripped his toenail, that's why he has the plastic hood, and the very sad face.

This picture was taken this January, after a particularly big snowstorm. The blobs on his legs are snow, by the way. He was about 2 and a half in this picture.

This picture was taken today at the shop. He got his hair cut a few weeks ago. His hair is a lot shorter than it was during the winter now. And he looks even less like what he really is.

This picture was also taken today. It is blurry because he wanted to run over to Marshy-marsh. Sorry about that. It does however give you a major hint by allowing you to see his tail, which is a defining characteristic.

There you have it. Some clues as to what he might be. Another thing you'll need to know is that he isn't a purebred. He is a mix between two breeds. GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to read the guesses! :)


Lola said...

Isn't he a "Husk-rat"? That strange cross-breeding of a husky and a rat???

kathi d said...

Half poodle and half rabbit?

Hey It's Di said...

He's the first Cat-dog in real life! (and a whiney one too when he's sad!)

Neil said...

Don't talk about a sad, depressed, Sparky. It makes me cry. I just think you are all mean!!! MUM

Natalie* said...

i think he looks like he has a little maltese in him? slightly looking like my stellie? i'd say maltese/terrier

"t" said...

my guess is (shoot! i don't know how to spell it!)...but it starts with peke? whatever he is, he's a cutie!