Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today in a nutshell

Today we had a big scare with our nephew, and as a result spent a lot of time in the hospital waiting room. While there, we found many ways to entertain ourselves. Most of them involved watching Marshy-marsh be silly. Zack grabbed him and pulled his shirt up over the back of his head. He walked around like he was a little drunk. It was pretty funny. Cousin Jake's girlfriend Sarah took this picture with my phone. It's a little blurry, sorry about that, but I'm sure you get the picture of just how dang cute my little boy is!

I got an email today from my cute friend Jenny. She had a baby boy a few months ago, and I had made her a baby quilt. She sent me the cutest pictures of her little boy playing on the quilt, and he is so cute I just had to share! Thanks Jenny for the pictures. I'm glad you liked the quilt!


petersons said...

Hey! You have a friend named Jenny!

Neil said...

Cute star quilt!! I want that pattern. MUM