Thursday, March 20, 2008


I LOVE delivery! Absolutely LOVE IT! All I have to do is pick up the phone, decide what I want, and wait for it to show up at my doorstep! This week it is especially nice. We are moving on Saturday. Yuck. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate unpacking. Mostly, I hate making dinner in the middle of a moving mess.
Speaking of which...there's the door with my Chinese! Yay! :)


Jenny Bay said...

You are so cute! Good luck with the move - that must be especially stressful with a baby and all his stuff!! Where are you moving to again?

Ninja Scott said...

So that's who pulled in our driveway last night. I think the delivery guy came up to the porch then realized he was at the wrong house.

I would fix the stickers on the mailbox, but now that you are moving I don't need to.

Neil said...

I think that you are lucky that the delivery boy discovered his mistake before he got to Scott's door....or that is the last you would have seen of the chinese!! Hope the move isn't too stressful and I know you will love your new place that is all yours. MUM

Lola said...

I love delivery....but NOT labor and delivery!!