Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I got a call this afternoon from our land lady. She is moving out the morning of the 15th and we will be moving in that afternoon. WOW! That is like next Saturday! Oh my gosh, I am totally stressed now.

I am hoping to be able to somehow find the time between being at the hospital as a support for my family, tending my baby, getting some work done (so that I can have money to spend on furniture), and packing. Obviously the family things come WAY before anything else. Fortunately I have plenty of free boxes courtesy of the Post Office. I'm so glad that I just placed an order for more boxes. I'd been selling a lot of stuff on ebay, and thought I'd run out of boxes. Not the case, but definitely glad I have the extra boxes now!

The saddest part about moving is that our little dog will be staying here in Salem. Poor Sparky. At least cousin Zack will be staying here to keep him company at night. And we're going to try to come visit so he doesn't forget us and Marshy-marsh doesn't forget him.


DAJP said...

That's way exciting you guys are moving. It'll be nice to have your own place. I know I sure love it. Good Luck! That's a fast move.

Neil said...

I hope it warms up so Sparky can spend the day outside on a leash. He and Zack will be great partners. Good luck on getting everything done in such a short time. MUM