Monday, March 10, 2008

Finished Quilt

At last! At last! The baby quilt I made for my cousin is finished! I just love the bright prints and fun designs.

I quilted it with baby pink thread in a loop-de-loop pattern. It turned out really cute, and looks really girly. Good thing, since the baby is a girl! hehe

I used one print for the top that had mostly greens, so in order to tie it in, I used this fun green print on the back. Then I bound it in the bright orange to tie the orange from the yellow prints into the quilt better.

Another look at the fun prints. This picture makes it hard to tell, but the fabric that looks blue is really a dark purple with green and pink polka dots on it. So cute!

I'm going to mail the quilt off to my cousin in Virginia tomorrow. I hope she likes it!


It's Just me! said...

MUCH cuter than the green number you were having to quilt today! Some people have no taste!! (or they are color blind!)

Busty LaRue said...

I know! I wish that people were more apt to be matchy-matchy. I hear it isn't the "style" but I don't care! Match dang it! Match!

Neil said...

Darling quilt fabrics. You are a good "chooser". I bet I can guess who's quilt you are quilting if the colors are dull.....Maggie? MUM