Monday, March 10, 2008


Ugh! Our internet has been having issues the last few days, and I have to say, I hate it when the internet doesn't work! We've been spending a lot of time in the ICU at the hospital still (Nephew Colton is improving each day), so today I took the computer down. They've recently installed wireless internet, although it actually doesn't connect to the internet! It's almost as if they have the network set up but they haven't subscribed to the internet yet. To make matters more frustrating, the internet was working just fine at our house this afternoon while Marshy-marsh was taking a nap, but I had left the laptop with Mike at the hospital. Once he brought it home, the internet worked for like 5 seconds and then kicked me off repeatedly. The upside to having no internet is that I have gotten a lot done on my cousin's baby quilt. I made the binding, attached it to the quilt, and got half of the quilt bound. Wahoo! Hopefully I'll get it done so that I can mail it out tomorrow. And hopefully the internet will be fixed SOON! Ugh!

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Lola...again said...

Internet problems make me insane!!