Friday, August 21, 2009

Sewing, Daily Sewing

I've started sewing at home now. YAY! And, I'm not sewing on my piano bench anymore. HOORAY!

Ever since Mike brought home the FREE jukebox, that doesn't work BTW, it has made for a really great cutting table/sewing machine stand :) hehehehehe

I have been trying to sew a little bit every night this week. Tonight I started working on this bag (tutorial on Moda Bake Shop). It's the Mill House Inn tote bag. I would have finished it, except I forgot to bring some batting home from work :( Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish it. I can't decide if it would be a better purse or diaper bag. I'm leaning toward purse right now. We'll see. Can't wait to show you the finished bag!!

P.S. - I'm using Soiree. I bought it at Gracie Lou's. It's their collection of the week, so 1 yd cuts are only $6.00/yd, and all pre cuts are 30% off. Great deal! Go to their shop in Salem, UT and get you some cute fabric!!

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