Friday, August 28, 2009

Must-Sew List

My must sew list is getting too big!!!

First, there is the memo board I posted yesterday.

Then, there is this CUTE table runner. Only I would probably just make it into a huge square table topper.

Then, there are the remaining 11 wallhangings that I've designs but haven't made (3 are currently in progress, but they aren't done so it doesn't count!)

Then, I would like to make this really cute quilt I designed. Pictures to come......

And of course, I have yet to make any of my Nintendo-character themed quilt sets. I am thinking about starting with Princess Peach.

Wouldn't she make a pretty quilt? I am thinking the answer is YES. :D

I am hoping to get a lot of sewing done this weekend.

I was going to sew last night. I fell asleep at 8 PM! Can you believe it? The gal who stays up until 2 or 3 to sew/work actually went to bed, of her own accord, before 9!!

I need to make the quilt for my class. It's supposed to be tomorrow. I wasn't going to buy the templates. I have a design center on my Gammill that allows me to do perfect circles, which was what the templates were for. However, I am now thinking that I don't want to try to figure it out on my own. Okay, I just paid for them. Hopefully they'll come quickly :)

So, that means I now have like a week to piece my top. WHEW!

Can't wait to see what it looks like, though. I hope the thread colors I bought yesterday work with the different blues in the quilt. I want the quilting to stand out and be dramatic. We'll see. I guess that's why they call it a mystery quilt. haha :)

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