Thursday, August 6, 2009

Airing of Grievances

Okay, so I know it isn't Festivus, yet, but I have to say this....

I recently finished re-reading the Twilight series, and am, as I type, re-watching the DVD (I got the books and the movie for my birthday).

Now, as I read the books, I realized that Twilight the book is not nearly as dark as the movie. Also, as I read all the books, the actors from the movie fit in almost seamlessly with my mental perception of what the characters should look like.

With one exception:


Why? Oh why? Oh why?

He doesn't fit in.

I know this is going to make a lot of people angry, but seriously: WHY?

Okay, that's all. Thanks for listening. :)


Bonnie the Boss said...

I agree, he needs to be more itialian looking in my opinion. But we all know about opinions.

Lizard said...

I have the same problem with Bella. But I can prob just jot it down to the fact that I don't like Kristen Stewart and the fact that Bella is whiny and indecisive. Everyone else - Love!
Her - not so much.