Sunday, August 9, 2009

Salem Days Quilt Show

The Salem Days Quilt Show was awesome! We had 59 quilts shown (not counting the 5 on display for the raffle). It was FABULOUS!
(Above: I quilted this one.)

(Above: this was one of mine)

(Above: this is one that I quilted)

I love this one! It is so cute! And it was hand quilted.

I loved this one too. It was hand quilted, and has the US Marines symbol in the center.

This is Izzy and Ivy's quilt.

(Above: I quilted this one, too)

(Above: This is one of mine. It's an original design to boot.)

We only had 1 male entrant, and this was his first quilt. It was amazing!!

This one was really cool. It was hand appliqued, and then hand quilted.

(Above: I also quilted this one)

I love this one. It is fairy tale scenes embroidered on the white with bright piecey borders. Super cute!

(Above: This is one of mine. Pattern from a Fons and Porter magazine.)

This was our booth for the raffle. Proceeds went to Colton's Angels so they can put a Christmas tree in the Festival of Trees this year. For not advertising very much (or at all, really, except for this last week) we brought in a lot of money. Thanks to everyone who came down and bought raffle tickets. We really appreciate your generosity! :)

This one was called "Oh my gosh!" because that is what you say when you see it. Holy cow the pieces are TINY! Like maybe 1/2 inch squares? less than an inch for sure. And it's all pieced together PERFECTLY. Impressive.

I quilted one similar to this last year. I love this quilt. I wish I had the pattern. It looks like it would be such a fun project. Lots of applique, but still, super fun to make. Super cute when finished.

I love this quilt! It is a Book of Mormon quilt, and is so cute!

(Above: I quilted this one.)

(Above: I quilted this one, too.)

There were some cute Halloween quilts, too. I love the litle witch table toppers.
We had such a fun time. I can't wait for next year. Hopefully we'll get as good a turnout, and maybe we'll do voting/judging or something. :)

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Bonnie the Boss said...

Wow, wow, wow! I cannot believe how amazing these quilts are! I am so glad you had a good turn out!