Thursday, September 18, 2008

As promised

Okay, so I know I promised a post with a picture, and here it is. I was going to post earlier, but I got distracted by my maniac baby running around the house shouting "CAR!" and making me kiss his imaginary boo-boos and his cars better.

Anyway, tonight I went up to the SLC to visit with some friends. My friend Cheryl is in town from out of state, and some of the old high school gang got together at my friend Kathleen's house for a gathering. It was really fun.

I think my favorite part was when anyone I knew walked in and saw me, they'd say "Joanna! You're not dead!" as if they half expected I had died, even though my facebook account miraculously updates itself daily, and they were so surprised to see me. I understand why. I live in BFE county....well not really BFE county, more like Happy Valley, but compared to everyone else who still lives up there it is BFE.

It was so fun to catch up though. My friend Mike, who my mom hated when we were in high school, has gotten married and his wife is so cute! My friends Jon and Brad were there. It was so much fun reminiscing with them about all the trouble they got into during high school. Oh good times. Anita and Areli showed up, and it was fun to catch up with them, and with Cheryl and Kathleen. I also met a few people the "utah" gang had met at school, and they seemed pretty nice.

I was actually surprised, because when the topic of books and the new Harry Potter movie came up, and then Twilight was blamed for its being postponed, I stood up for it. Then, one of the "new" kids, James, asked me if I'd read the last book. I was totally surprised that a guy had read the entire series and actually liked it. I told my hubby, Mike, he should read it and he laughed at me! Said something about how Stephenie Meyere broke all the "rules" set up by some other group of writers.

Anyway, since I promised a post, I'm posting. I know it's technically past midnight, but I seriously just got home. So, anyway. Quilt posts tomorrow, promise! I'm almost done with three. I made the binding for them today, and actually attached it to two of the quilts. So now I am working on binding, and that shouldn't take too lon, I hope. And then I can have more fun pictures for you!


Jenny Bay said...

Hey Jo - So I was gonna ask about this get-together thing that you mentioned here and in your comment on my blog - cuz I actually never heard about it or was invited, unless I missed an email or something. But anyway, I was gonna try to get a hold of you or someone to find out what was going on, cuz I would have loved to see everyone, and to see if I could make it (we had dinner plans in Provo), but my husband needed to go to instacare last night for an ear infection, so I guess I couldn't have come anyway. Anyway, hope it was fun, sad I missed it.... :(

and wait a MIKE married?????

Jenny Bay said...

Hey! That is SO CRAZY!! When did he get married??? Did he get married in Korea?? CRAZY! When I read that in your post I totally did a double take. Anyway, glad it was fun, wish I could've been there but it's totally good - I'll totally come next time! I love your blog, by the way - it totally is inspiring me to start sewing or something....... Love ya!

jenny said...

sadness.. i'm a little sad that i wasn't invited either.

boo to that.

glad things are going well-!!