Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wootoff at Shirt.Woot = Lots of shirts

It was a 1 hour woot off! at Woot! today. Mike has been eyeing several of these shirts for a while, and snapped up some of the following because they were only $12 with free shipping.

I love Cookie Monster. Mike didn't as much, so we didn't get it, but I thought I'd share. This shirt just makes me laugh.
"Join us. Or don't. Whatever." Classic!

This is totally Mike. He loves origami. It's also totally me. I hate origami.

This is so true. I'm sure that if there were still T-rexes on the Earth, we'd have to buy one and use it to get him (or me) to exercise!

"The best thing since bread....." heh heh heh

This is the #1 favorite shirt of all time for him. It was the first one he bought.
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